Behind the Scenes with Claudia Arozqueta at Casa Chuck #TiaChuck
Behind the Scenes with Claudia Arozqueta at Casa Chuck

On September 12th we attended a potluck event welcoming recipient of the 2015 Casa Chuck Arts Residency, Claudia Arozqueta. Claudia is a curator, researcher, and writer who regularly contributes to and Art-Agenda, and has published extensively in magazines, newspapers and journals. The community welcomed her in the shared backyard at The Compound. She was very kind and supportive when we discussed our documentary following Chuck and was more than willing to make time to film with us during her stay.

Behind the Scenes with Claudia Arozqueta at Casa Chuck #TiaChuck
Behind the Scenes with Claudia Arozqueta at Casa Chuck

We met with Claudia the following week to film an interview with her at Casa Chuck. She discussed the warmth of the community she had experienced over the two weeks she had been there and how she was keeping busy splitting her day between studio visits with artists and writing. We returned that weekend to film a typical day she had at Casa Chuck, from getting settled in, cooking in Chuck’s kitchen, writing in the lovely living room, and visiting with artist Kristy Perez.

Behind the Scenes with Claudia Arozqueta and Kirsty Perez #TiaChuckBehind the Scenes with Claudia Arozqueta and Kristy Perez

Kristy lives in the duplex next door to Casa Chuck, so we followed Claudia as she walked over and met with her. We wanted to include the significant impact of the Casa Chuck Residency Program, which includes the visiting curators giving opportunities for local artists. In the case of Claudia, this includes writing about their work and potentially curating their work in future exhibitions. This leads to more opportunities for artists to take their work out of San Antonio while bringing in writers and curators who can offer new perspectives.

Chuck Ramirez The Fashionista
Chuck Ramirez
Lost and Found Series: The Fashionista, 2008/2011
Courtesy Ruiz-Healy Art

Ruiz-Healy Art Gallery has made incredible efforts to continue the exhibition of Chuck’s work. One of their projects in collaboration with Public Art San Antonio, has come to fruition. On September 14th there was a Dedication Ceremony for Chuck’s “Lost and Found” artworks at the San Antonio International Airport. The works were fully restored and installed in a more prominent location just outside of Terminal B, Lower Level Baggage Claim. If you missed the Dedication, I hope you will make time to see these beautiful works in person.

Charles Ramirez at the Dedication Ceremony for Chuck's "Lost and Found Series" #TiaChuck
Chuck’s Dad, Charles Ramirez (right) talks with guests. Photo by Scott Ball.

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