Artpace Archives Behind the Scenes Visiting Scott Williams, Digital Archivist at Artpace San Antonio

This month we’ve been meeting with Scott Williams, the Digital Archivist at Artpace San Antonio to search for videos and photographs of Chuck during his exhibitions at Artpace. Chuck had a Window Works exhibition in 1996, a Hudson (Show)Room exhibition in 1999, and was an International Artist-in-Residence in 2002. Scott has been extremely helpful finding videos we didn’t know existed and offering suggestions during our archive research process.

Mark Menjivar Behind the Scenes Behind the Scenes with photographer Mark Menjivar

We met with photographer Mark Menjivar this week to capture slides from Artpace’s Archive. Scott had recommended contacting Mark because of a slide adapter he has for his camera, it makes capturing slides a much faster process than scanning them in. Mark is a good friend and was a pleasure to work with as always.

Mark Menjivar Behind the Scenes Capturing Slides from Artpace San Antonio’s Archive

There are several slides in Artpace’s Archive we’re interested in using for our documentary, particularly a series of behind the scenes photographs taken by Artpace Studio Director Riley Robinson of Chuck during his 2002 residency.

Mark Menjivar Behind the Scenes Behind the Scenes with Chuck Ramirez in 2002, photograph by Riley Robinson

We’ve also visited Chuck’s professional archive at Ruiz-Healy Art Gallery and his personal archive at Casa Chuck. These visits have helped us in our research and informed our recent interviews. Since our last update we have conducted interviews with Ruiz-Healy Art Gallery Owner, Patricia Ruiz-Healy, and artists Nate Cassie, Ethel Shipton, and Bill Fitzgibbons. Ruiz-Healy Art is the exclusive representative for the estate of Chuck Ramirez and Patricia has been instrumental in the national and international exhibitions of Chuck’s work since his passing. Nate and Ethel shared many wonderful stories of their friendship with Chuck over the years, including the origin of the nickname “Tia Chuck”. Bill Fitzgibbons shared his perspective as the former Executive Director of Blue Star Contemporary Art Museum and close friend of Chuck.

Jeremiah Teutsch Behind the Scenes Behind the Scenes: Testing our new interview microphone with Jeremiah Teutsch

This past Monday was Jeremiah Teutsch’s first day working with us on this project. Jeremiah will be assisting us throughout production and is a valuable addition to our team. We used Jerry as an interview stand-in to test our latest equipment purchase, an interview microphone. We used this microphone for our interview with Bill Fitzgibbons and were very pleased with the results.

Tia Chuck Fundraising Goal #TiaChuck

In August we launched a Fundraiser on Hatchfund and exceeded our target and original stretch goals at the beginning of October. Thank you again to all seventy-three of our donors who made their contributions through Hatchfund. The funds raised have allowed us to continue production and will secure our ability to complete this documentary film. We are continuing to schedule interviews in San Antonio and with the additional funds raised are planning a trip to New York in November for interviews we feel will provide a unique insight into Chuck’s life and work. We’ll continue to post updates throughout production, thank you for your support!

Do you have photos or video of Chuck that you’d like to contribute to our film? Do you know of anyone that you believe may have photographs or video? If so, please contact us a Mail(at)

– Angela