Teenage Chuck Ramirez, from Chuck's Personal Archive
A Teenage Chuck (far left) in Carmel, CA with his Cousins Lee and Marc Rigney

It’s summer! That means we’re free to get back into production on this film! Our supporters received an Email Newsletter Update this March regarding our slow progress and our plans to continue work on this documentary. We produced a series of short documentaries for the first part of the year and now have the rest of the summer and fall for this project. Many thanks to all of you who have supported us and for your continued patience. As we mentioned in our newsletter, it’s a long process for just the two of us to create such an ambitious film and we promise to continue doing our very best to make this documentary a reality!

Tia Chuck Editing Timeline
Editing Timeline

Where we’re at:
We’ve edited the backbone of this documentary and have collected the majority of the archive material we’ll be using in this film. The “backbone” is a final selection of interviews we’ve edited into a complete story, including dozens of interviews we conducted and archive interviews recorded with Chuck by Anne Wallace in 2001 and David Rubin’s interview with Chuck at the San Antonio Museum of Art in 2009. We’ve recently added new interviews we filmed earlier this year and have continued to edit and revised our roughcut. Right now we’re fine tuning and making adjustments so we know exactly what remaining archive material we need and what to film for our recreation scenes. I’ve discussed our thoughts behind supplementing this film in a previous update. The brainstorms I’ve mentioned have transitioned into shot lists and production notes – which is also what I call these blog posts, but they are more like directions for how to shoot scenes.

Tia Chuck Production Notes
Production Notes, Closeup

What’s next:
I’ve been in contact with several locations to get permission to film and we will be organizing production for August. We will be acquiring props for most scenes and casting actors for others. It’s very different from the recreation scenes we’ve done in our previous short films, but it’s also an exciting challenge as first time feature film directors. Since we’ll be focusing on this project over the next several months, I’ll be able to post regular monthly updates and will be sharing on Twitter and Instagram between posts.

Until next month,

Director, Tia Chuck