Tia Chuck: A Portrait of Chuck Ramirez (Working Title) is a documentary following the life and work of the late artist Chuck Ramirez. Directed by Angela and Mark Walley. This film is currently in production.
Film Shoots
"Chuck" Steam Roller Prints by MOSAIC Students

“Chuck” Steam Roller Prints by MOSAIC Students

“Chuck” Wood Cut, 2011. Alex Rubio Itʼs fascinating to follow artists as they create work, and when they are creating work with Chuck as the subject matter we know we want it to be a part of our documentary. With that in mind, we attended a First Friday event hosted by Blue Star Contemporary Art...
Jeremiah Teutsch's Chuck Portrait

Jeremiah Teutsch’s Chuck Portrait

The morning following Chuckʼs death our good friend and artist Jeremiah Teutsch met us at the altar created next to where Chuck had his accident. Jeremiah had been good friends with Chuck and had decided to create a portrait on the sidewalk there. Jeremiah had helped pull together the exhibition of Chuckʼs artwork held at...
We Miss You Chuck, an exhibition at Sala Diaz

We Miss You Chuck, an exhibition at Sala Diaz

Chuck Ramirez April 28, 1962 – November 6, 2010 Photo by Jannette Morales Our friend Chuck Ramirez died from injuries suffered in a bike accident on November 6th, 2010. He was a forty-eight year old artist living and working in Southtown. My husband Mark Walley and I had known Chuck since the summer of 2009...