August Production Board
Our Production Board, Each Card is a Scene Organized into Three Acts

Since preparing the first draft of our script earlier this summer we’ve been rearranging and editing scenes to provide the best narrative arc for the film. Our rough cut has a current running time of 57 minutes. Since it’s all the interview comments back to back, this hour long cut will end up being half an hour longer once we adjust for pacing and add additional scenes and montages.

August Editing Timeline
Editing Timeline: Act 1 Part 1 with Temp Music, Still of Thomas Jefferson Yearbook (Can You Spot Chuck?)

Part of determining the films pace is music. Mark will be writing and recording an original score for the film, but he is currently using scratch tracks in editing. These temporary music tracks help us establish and agree upon the mood of each scene. It also allows us to listen to the film as a whole and see how the music is affecting the overall flow of the film. When it’s time to write the score, Mark will have a very clear picture of what the film needs.

Brainstorm Notes August
Updated Brainstorm Notes, Detail

It’s important to review every interview comment in the film because it will make significant impact on the amount of work we put into finding a way to supplement it. Not only do we want our interviews to provide insight, but we want to make sure it helps build the narrative arc I mentioned earlier. In June’s Production Notes I showed a sneak peak of our brainstorm sheet. We’ve continued to finalize these notes and reconsidered our ideas for the supplemental material of each scene. We’re really excited about the visual ideas in these brainstorms and how they will help bring Chuck’s story to life.

H-E-B Arsenal Courtesy San Antonio Express News
H-E-B Arsenal, Photo Courtesy San Antonio Express News

We recently visited Dya Campos, Director of Public Affairs for H-E-B. Chuck worked as a graphic designer for H-E-B Own Brand Department from 1990-2004. His time with the grocery company significantly impacted the art work he made, most notable during his 2002 Artpace Residency “Bean & Cheese”.

Artpace IAIR Chuck Ramirez 2002
Bean & Cheese, Spring 2002 Artpace International Artist-in-Residence Program, Photo Credit: Seale Studios

Artpace IAIR Chuck Ramirez 2002
Bean & Cheese, Spring 2002 Artpace International Artist-in-Residence Program, Photo Credit: Seale Studios

We have been interested in working with H-E-B to find archive material to supplement our scenes following Chuck’s time working there. We’re very excited to have received permission to use H-E-B archive material for our film and access to film at H-E-B locations for our recreation scenes. Thanks to Dya Campos for your help and support of our project!

Chuck Ramirez Artpace at Christie's Auction
Film Still: Chuck Ramirez at Artists Salute Artpace 10th Anniversary Benefit Auction, Christie’s New York

One of the first scenes we edited was a scene following Artpace’s 10th Anniversary event at Christie’s Auction House in 2005. Artpace provided us with archive material of the event filmed by filmmakers Jim Mendiola and Ray Santisteban. The scene is narrated by Rick Liberto, who sets the tone for a very exciting live auction event. It’s so wonderful to start to see these pieces of the film come together.

We’re keeping busy editing and filming, but don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or if you have have archive material (photographs, video, audio), you’d like to contribute.

– Angela