Chuck Ramirez High School ID Card
Chuck’s High School ID Card, 1977

It’s back to school time already! We hope everyone had a wonderful summer and are enjoying the slightly cooler weather. We’ve spent the last month editing archive material over our roughcut of interviews and have made a lot of great progress. Read on to learn more:

Walley Films Editing Station
Walley Films Editing Stations with Desks Pushed Together for Ideal Workflow

Where we’re at:

As I mentioned in our post for July, we completed the backbone of the film which consisted of the interviews we’d conducted and archive interviews with Chuck. I also mentioned that we’d be filming recreation scenes this month, but we decided to work with the material we had first before doing any additional filming. So, we’ve been editing all of our supplemental material over our interview roughcut, including archive photos and video. This is the most exciting time for our documentary, because we’re finally seeing it all come together! The stories Chuck and his family and friends tell are now being brought to life through all the imagery we spent so long searching for and collecting. I had spent a lot of time organizing hundreds of photos as Mark captured and cataloged all of the archive video clips.

Tia Chuck Editing Timeline, August 2016
Our current editing timeline featuring Chuck’s beloved grandmother, Lydia Ramirez

We’re working on the film in sections and we have the film structured into three Acts:

Act I – Chuck’s Childhood and Early Career through 1999
Act II – Chuck’s Adulthood and Career from 2000 – 2010
Act III – Chuck’s Death and Legacy

We’ve edited archive material over our interview roughcut for Act 1 and the first half of Act II. This week we’re starting on the second half of Act II and are have scheduled to work on Act III in the coming weeks. Our progress on this roughcut has really helped us see the film take shape. It’s no longer just words on a script, but a living story that includes so much of Chuck’s voice and character.

Portrait of Chuck Ramirez by Jannette Morales
Portrait of Chuck Ramirez at The Compound by Jannette Morales

What’s next:

We’re going to continue editing our archive material over Act II and Act III in September. Once we have the entire film roughcut, we’ll review it and begin planning production for our recreations and any additional visual material needed. I can’t wait to sit and watch our roughcut all together. Even with all the missing pieces it will be a big stepping stone towards completing this film. We don’t have a set completion date yet, but we are getting closer each month. I’ll continue to post monthly Production Notes here and will be sharing notes on our progress between posts on Instagram @WalleyFilms.

Stay tuned,

Director, Tia Chuck